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St. Joseph’s Primary School, Mernda is committed to providing its students with a comprehensive and meaningful education that incorporates our four school-wide “big concepts” – Identity, Society, Innovation & Change, and Systems.

Additionally, we strive to incorporate Sustainability through all of our DBL concepts throughout the year.

To achieve this, we have implemented a Discovery Based Learning (DBL) approach to the curriculum. DBL integrates various subjects and skills into a cohesive learning experience. We use DBL to cover a wide range of integrated curriculum links within the Victorian Curriculum. We believe that this approach provides our students with a more meaningful and relevant education that is tailored to their specific interests and learning styles.

The DBL approach at St. Joseph’s follows a Tuning In, Finding Out, Sorting Out, and Taking Action cycle of inquiry. In the Tuning In phase, students are introduced to a topic or concept and are encouraged to think about what they already know and what they would like to learn.

This is followed by the Finding Out phase, where students engage in research and investigation to deepen their understanding of the topic. The Sorting Out phase involves analysing and synthesising the information collected in the previous phase. Finally, in the Taking Action phase, students apply what they have learned to real-world situations or problems.

Our DBL units are devised to meet the needs and interests of our students, incorporating the four school-wide big concepts. Our teachers work tirelessly to create learning experiences that are relevant and engaging for our students, reflecting their enthusiasm and willingness to participate in class.

DBL has proven to be an effective way to engage students in learning and foster a deep understanding of concepts. By providing students with a comprehensive and relevant education that incorporates sustainability through all our DBL concepts, we are preparing them for success in their academic and personal lives. At St. Joseph’s Primary School, Mernda, we are proud to offer a DBL approach to the curriculum that meets the needs and interests of our students and aligns with our school-wide big concepts.

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